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Terre di Zaccanello is not only a place: it is an emotion, is a way of life, it is the sun, scents and colors. Terre di Zaccanello is a journey through rural Sicily and wonderful in the (re) discovery of the natural rhythms and simple and authentic flavors.


A family story

The roots of our family rooted in these lands for three generations, that is since Grandpa Alfonso, former oil trader, bought the first hectares in the early 60s and made it before a vineyard, then a wheat field, and finally an olive grove.

After him, his son Salvatore, while addressing other activities, has never been able to resist the call of this magical place, to the point of deciding, in 2010, to extend the property to its current size and launch, together with his wife Daniela the Oikos project.

Today, history repeats itself with their eldest daughter Federica, who, after studying law abroad and worked in international law firms, has suffered the same appeal and decided to get involved to delve into the wonderful world of extra. Becoming Sommelier of Oil and it specialized with a master's degree in food & wine management, is determined to make the family business with her sister Julia and brother Alfonso, a touch of modernity while respecting the ancient tradition.


The Farm

The olive grove, from which is produced a high quality extra virgin olive oil, dominates the Terre and protects them embracing its borders.

This is where we grow different qualities of Olive: Nocellara, Biancolilla, Mona Lisa and Bella di Spagna, each characterized by aromas and flavors. From their wise combination, together with the constant care and attention, never forced the olive trees, there is one single oil, flavor and unmistakable aroma.



Small farms in organic conversion cover about 10 hectares in the north-east coast of Agrigento, in the territory of Racalmuto.

Rocked by the slow possible to proceed the seasons, the Terre stain at any time of the year of different light, offering their natural nourishment also to citrus fruits, almonds, pomegranates and prickly pears, as well as to other small seeded genuine delights, cultivated and gathered with love and patience.



"Leave the world a little 'better than you found it" : this motto is our source of inspiration, so we strive to minimize our environmental impact through sustainable solutions.

The electricity we use comes exclusively from our solar panels and thermal panels allow us to produce hot water.

By collecting and filtering rainwater, however, we reduce waste to irrigate our lands.

We use biodegradable soaps, trying to minimize the consumption of plastic, and compostiamo the organic waste to obtain natural fertilizers.

Where possible, we opted for natural paints, biodegradable and biocompatible, which absorb odors and exhibiting no toxic element.

We believe that awareness is the first step towards a more sustainable future: for this reason we encourage you to properly recycle our bottles and cans, or reuse them to make original vases, lampshades and chandeliers.

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