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Once upon a time there was an enchanted place in northern Italy where time was punctuated by the changing seasons and nature was the best teacher one could have. This place existed and still exists. Here, high atop the mountains, the craft of pasta-making was elevated to an art. Working and living at the foot of the Dolomites allowed a continual conversation with nature transforming the rugged mountain resources into opportunities to be seized. The spring water and pure air at three thousand feet is a gift nature bestows each day. The gift creates gratitude, this gratitude creates a commitment to respect the environment. This mutual respect created a beautiful golden colored product of love, pasta.

Holding a strand of spaghetti between his fingers, Grandpa Valentino breaths a satisfied sigh. He inhales and takes in the enticing aromas of goodness, of home and of hard work. He thinks back to recall his youthful intuition -- that one day the natural resources of his hometown would provide the opportunity to do something great. So in 1908 he opened a pasta factory in those high mountains. Today that small workshop has become a company with worldwide activity and influence. The challenge now is keeping up with the times. Indeed innovation has led to progress, but Grandpa Valentino’s founding values remain intact four generations later: the same passion, commitment and daring.

Monograno. The name itself explains its uniqueness. A single-origin variety of wheat, one mill that grinds it, one goal: the pursuit of quality. It all starts with the stalks of wheat in the fields that drink in the sun to yield the highest quality taste, firmness and consistency both to the eye and palate. The grain is wholesomely processed, without changing what Mother Nature has given us. The flavor of the primal variety Matt, memories of distant lands of Khorasan-Kamut to the most fragrant notes of Farro and the authentic strong character of Il Cappelli. Valuable varieties that provide an experience: to savor and appreciate until the last bite.

Surging, flowing, rippling, cascading. Clear as the reflected sky, transparent as a crystal of ice, fresh as a waterfall. Spring water, to maintain its purity, is best the moment it gushes from its source. That’s why we use only a single water source and have created a unique path for that exceptional water to flow directly from the peaks of the nearby Dolomite Mountains into our pasta factory. This water is very special to us in this part of Italy, water infused with all the energy of those majestic peaks. Thanks to this water, flour becomes dough, a miraculous combination that is the first step in achieving our exceptional pasta. Then fittingly, the pasta returns to water, immersed in a boiling pot and re-emerging al dente, ready to be savored.

After the dough has passed through the bronze dies, which create the pasta’s shape, it’s time to dry it. Drying: a delicate process, meticulously followed, according to tradition. We make use of a valuable ally: Italy’s pristine, unpolluted half-mile high air. This Dolomite Mountain air that blows through the rocks, trees and glaciers captures all Italy’s energy and purity. This pristine air contributes the third ingredient, a balance to the grain and water that makes pasta toothsome, firm, delicious. We breathe deeply ... the aroma that emanates from the boiling pasta is redolent with this primal purity. The secret to our pasta’s unique flavor is thanks to the extraordinary raw materials it is made of.

Doing well and doing good. Our first goal—a commitment to respect the protocols of organic farming—has become a mission. Concrete actions, without compromise, to protect natural resources, encourage biodiversity, and respect the delicate ecosystem balance. That's why we choose only the best whole grains, grow them organically and meticulously preserve the natural qualities of the organic raw materials at every step. We mill the grains and combine this wholesome organic flour with crystal clear spring water from mile-high streams and dry the pasta in the pristine Dolomite Mountain air. The most important ingredient of our Monograno pasta is love: for the authentic, for attention to detail, for the exceptional.

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