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Gentile Pasta Factory, founded in 1876, is one of the historic artisan factories that brought the city of Gragnano to become famous throughout the world for its pasta. Still today, in the era of modern technologies, Gentile preserves methods of craftsmanship and attention to every single detail, from the raw materials selection to the production phases control.

The context in which the pasta factory was born is that of a small town dedicated to the production of pasta since the sixteenth century, in which every family was somehow involved in this activity. Strolling through the streets of the city today you can still see how the architects, who planned neighborhoods and buildings in the nineteenth century, have designed everything to facilitate the different stages of production, in particular drying that was done on the street in the sunlight, enjoying the breeze that came from the Gulf of Naples.

Today Gentile offers the highest quality products with full respect for the dictates that have made Gragnano pasta so famous in the past: the use of high-quality semolina and a low temperature drying. Additionally there are two elements that make Pasta Gentile unique: the quality of Senatore Cappelli variety wheat and natural drying by the “Metodo Cirillo.”

In 1919 an engineer named Cirillo from Torre Annunziata felt the supervening impossibility of continuing to dry the pasta in the street, so he decided to create an artificial method that would simulate the natural drying method inside a pasta factory. From that moment the “Metodo Cirillo” was born, an innovative process combining heater and fan that reduced drying times and released the production from meteorological variables. Even production times took advantage of this, going from ten days when dried on the road to three / four days in the cells inside the factories.

All shapes are made with bronze dyes, among these we can find the great classics of our tradition, such as fusilli or paccheri, as well as new and original shapes. It was the wish to experiment that lies behind the birth of one of the most famous shapes of the company: the SpaghettOne, a spaghetto with 2.7 mm diameter.

The flagship of our production, since always, is the hand worked fusilli. The “fusillare” roll up each noodle with a knitting needle below their forearms, giving it a helical shape which is then made even more appealing by the diversity of each individual fusillo.

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