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Our story begins with two brothers almost a century ago, in 1919, in the northern Sardiniantown of Thiesi. An area of fields and meadows, famous Pecorino cheeses have been made here for thousands of years. They are many and varied: from the freshest varieties made to be sampled straight away, to the matured chesses with a strong and decisive flavor. Traditionally it was the same shepherds or small producers who created these cheeses. It was only at the start of the 1900s that larger scale production began on the island, the work of traders coming from afar who sought only one variety: the classic Pecorino Romano for grating. The two brothers, Giommaria and Francesco Pinna, wanted to produce Sardinian cheeses and make them famous beyond the island, and they began their work by uniting lots of small producers. They had a vision: they knew there was a large market for these Sardinian productsin Italy and in the United States. They produced Pecorino Romano, but also worked together to create numerous other traditional Sardinian cheeses.

Their company grew year by year, with the creation of new, state of the art cheese making factories where centuries of knowledge were merged with the most up to date technology. They knew that the key to success lied in the milk from the Sardinian herds, which grazed freely and ate wild grasses, and aromatic plants. Thanks to their unique qualities and the best processes, the cheeses created in the brothers’ factories were always made to the standard of the centuries-old tradition from which they originated. Decades have come and gone and the two brothers have not been at the head of the company for some time, but Pinna is still a family firm. Today the grandsons of Giommaria and Francesco are in charge and are now the third generation of the family to run the company. Today there are many cheeses bearing their brand and the flavors of Sardinia. In fact, many people in Italy and throughout the world know and love Sardinian food thanks, in part, to these two brothers, Giommaria and Francesco, who looked out from their small and beautiful hometown of Thiesi and saw the world.

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