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In 2008, Antonio Russolillo founded “The Russolillo.” The idea was born from the need to market a homemade product, which for decades enjoyed some respect of friends and relatives of his father Salvatore, who in the late ‘80s began to produce with the traditional handicraft method, preserves tomatoes.

Thanks to the unique taste and smell of this pulped tomato, the demand for the product increased more and more, with acquaintances and small neighboring markets.

Here start the activities of his son Antonio,"The Russolillo" 's founder (using the same line of homemade production of his father, as he was faithful to the traditions of the past,it allows the workmanship of small quantities of product, but with excellent results in terms of quality)so that to be able to insert in the market of the industrial preserves, produced handicraft that makes once to rediscover to the consumer;the flavors of the past.

The productive process has been faithful to the type of homemade production, as it was by tradition a few years ago in almost every Campania’s families, for example scorching of the tomato and pasteurization of the product cooked in a bain-marie (thermal process is more delicate than industrial, this allows a good state of preservation of the nutritional ownerships and organoleptic). Tomato harvesting by hand, the careful selection in business and storage times not exceeding 24 hours,besides allow us to avoid the use of citric acid, the main reason for the difference of taste in comparison to the industrial product (it is also the cause of heartburms that many feel with the use of preserve industrial tomato and this doesn’t happen with our products anymore).

After 30 years of experience and 10 by the foundation of the mark, The Russolillo can boasts a line of enough automated production today, in degree to conjugate efficiency and respect of the principles of handicraft production and this allows us to be able to face national and foreign big channels of sale,thanks at the offer of many italian excellences(o.c. Bioagricert by 2015),that takes the consumer from the appetizers, to the pasta and seasonings.

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